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The personal shopper service includes 



Article 1 - How to buy wardrobe essentials (Timeless Must-Have)  

We will establish together the classics that you absolutely must have in your wardrobe, be careful, no fashion faux pas.
A mode pre-selection will be established for you.
We will then proceed to try on the chosen pieces.

Professional looks or specific outfits 

I will establish a search beforehand according to your personality and the defined event.I will accompany you in the entirety of the choice and the development of your outfit.We will take into consideration the colorimetry, the spirit of the times and your style.

I can be by your side during an extraordinary shopping day, we can find together the piece or pieces you need. 

Beauty and hairstyle

The best qualified professionals will be at your disposal to carry out the complete service of the hairdressing and make-up package.

I will bring you my professional looks and send you different proposals for looks appropriate to your personality.

Article 2 - Sorting the dressing room, evaluating your collection and organizing potential outfits  

We sort your wardrobe together.

I will evaluate the parts to keep.

I will offer you different mixtures to sublimate certain neglected products.

PRICE ON CONSULTING - Request your consultation

For all the services offered, this extends on a continuous hourly basis

Consulting on request, present according to customized mission in 3 continents (Europe, Middle East and USA)